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I have decided to create another tutorial for Paint.Net! It has been a long time since I haven’t provided one. So today, I will teach you how to age a photo thanks to few mouse clicks. Based on the result, we can say that we can achieve miracles with Paint.NET. When you know Photoshop price, it is just amazing to see what you can get from Paint.net, a freeware…

So here is the starting picture for this tutorial :

And now, here are the steps to follow on to age this picture :

1/ We switch it to sepia (Adjustements menu > Sepia or Ctrl + Shift + E);

2/ We add a bit of noise (Effects menu >Noise > Add noise) with the following parameters : Intensity at 15, Color Saturation at 250 and Coverage at 100;

3/ We create a white border (Effects menu > Render > Border) with the thickness parameter set to 5;

4/ We select an area starting next to the white border plus few pixels and we invert the selection (CTRL + I). We now have a selection encompassing the white border plus few pixels;

5/ We perform a dents effect (Effects menu > Distort > Dents) with the following parameters : Scale at 15, Amount at 60 and Quality at 2;

6/ We modify Hue and Saturation (Adjustements menu > Hue/Saturation) with the following parameters : Hue at 0, Saturation at 110 and Lightness at 10.

And here is the result :

To perform this tutorial, you will need to download paint.net of course but also to use the following plugins :

– Ed Harvey package;

border effect.

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