Cease Fire!

Yesterday, I made a call for an immediate cease fire in Middle East in french. Since it hasn’t yet been relayed, I am today translating it in english, peace voice needs to be heard! You just need to add your name at the bottom of this call and copy it on your blog, the ultimate goal being to create a virtual chain to put pressure on world masters.

« Middle East friends,

Once again, a little flash created a fire in the region. Many signs make me think that the fire could spread into the region if an immediate cease fire isn’t quickly passed.

There aren’t two solutions to this crisis. There is only one, permanent battle end. It is unrealistic to think that a new order can be built on top of ruins. Quiet period will not last long and embers will catch fire at the next gust of wind. We are forced to live together until the end of the world. A piece of ground or few ressources are not valid stakes for such a battle. Let’s think about what the exchange could bring to us.

Come to the negotiation table and discuss, this is the only thing you can do. Weapons don’t allow a constructive discussion.

Each human deserves the right to grow up peacefully where he is born.

For your children, in order to prevent this situation from happening again tomorrow, make peace come truth.

Peace now, for everybody.


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  1. yesilkart dit :

    Y a-t-il des informations sur ce sujet dans d’autres langues ?

  2. Gilles dit :

    Je l’ai eu aussi ce SPAM 🙂
    Il parle FR mais son site est en heu tchèque ?
    Sinon, pas de gravatar ici ? 😀
    Et pour finir : http://www.monbeausapin.org/ 🙂
    Vais bloguer ça.

  3. Olivier dit :

    Non pas de gravatar, j’aime pas ça 😉
    Pour le spam, bien vu, un petit coup de delink et c’est fini 😉

  4. Gilles dit :

    Il a écumé mon blog puis ceux dans mes liens 🙂 dont toi alors…
    A supprimer 😛

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