Paint.net : Parchment creation

Here is a new paint.net tutorial where I will explain how to create a parchment paper as the ones from the Middle Ages. Then, you could use it as a start for medieval style creations. It is quite simple to realize this effect with paint.net. I am quite sure you will be impressed by what you can obtain from this software.

Here are the steps to follow in order to create a parchment from scratch :

1/ We start from a transparent sheet;

2/ We select the area where we want to create the parchment (S) and then we select DED898 as primary color code and EFE6C0 as secondary color code;

3/ We perform a clouds effect (effects menu > render > clouds) with the following parameters : scale 1000 and roughness 1,00;


4/ We perform a dents effects (effects menu > distort > dents) with the following parameters : scale 15 and amount 50;

5/ We add noise (effects menu > noise > add noise) with the following parameters : intensity 50, color saturation 0 and coverage 100;

6/ We perform a motion blur (effects menu > blurs > motion blur) with the following parameters : angle 0° and distance 5;

7/ We duplicate the layer (CTRL + Shift + D);

8/ We apply an outline effect (effects menu > stylize > outline) on the new layer;


9/ We edit layer properties and switch it to multiply mode;

10/ We merge the layers (CTRL + M);

11/ We perform a drop shadow effect with the following parameters : offset X at 5, offset Y at 5 and blur radius at 5.

Here is the final result for your medieval parchment, you can easily add text to it :


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