Paint.net : Rays of light

Here is a new paint.net tutorial that will teach you how to add rays of light to picture, as of the sun rays within the sky. Here are the steps :

1/ Start from a blue screen;

2/ Add a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N);

3/ Select the top layer and fill it with white (F key);

4/ Add noise (Effects menu > Noise > Add noise) with the following values : Intensity at 100, Color Saturation at 0 and Coverage at 100;

5/ Perform a zoom blur (Effects menu > Blurs > Zoom blur) with the following values : zoom amount at 100, horizontal centering at 0 and vertical at -1,10;

6/ Edit layer properties and switch blending mode to « Overlay » and adjust transparency to 100;

7/ Merge the layers (Ctrl + M).

Here is the result :

Rays of light

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