Paint.net : Reflexion effect

This is my very first tutorial for Paint.net. It is easy to reproduce, I will describe how to perform a reflexion effect. Here are the steps :

1/ First, select the image part that you want to reflect (press the S key to use the select tool);

Sélection Paint.Net

2/ Copy the selection into the clipboard (CTRL + C);

3/ Paste the selection into a new layer (CTRL + Shift + V);

4/ Flip vertically (Layers menu and then « Flip vertical »);

5/ Use the gradient tool (key G) set as « linear (reflected) » et « transparency mode »;

6/ Perform the gradient on the reflexion layer;

Paint.Net Gradient

7/ Select the layer properties (key F4) and set opacity to « 100 »;

8/ Merge the layers (CTRL + M).

And here we are :

Paint.Net reflexion

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