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It has been a long time since I hadn’t performed a paint.net tutoriel. I have received a request through the contact form to assist with the creation of a rose window. I have decided to write a tutorial based on this work as it is very interesting from a layer manipulation prospective.

The final render will be quite simple (free circles) but we could apply principles for more complex mix of forms.

Let’s have a view on the steps now :

1/ Start from a white paper that we will errase : CTRL+A to select everything and then Suppr to delete the white background.

2/ Draw free black circles on the empty sheet. We use the « O » key to select the ellipse and we draw a first circle. We then use the magic wand (S key) and we click on the circle we have just drawn to select it. We perform a first copy/paste (CTRL+C then CTRL+V) to obtain a second circle than we will position on the right side. We perform a second paste (CTRL+V) to position the last black circle at the bottom intersection of the others. This gives you the following result :


3/ We will create three additionnal layers on top of the first one (CTRL + SHIFT + N x 3).

4/ We select the first layer (background) in the layer stack (F7 key to make it visible).

5/ We select the area inside a first circle with the magic wand (S key). Don’t forget to select as well the intersection with the others circles. To extend the selection, press the CTRL key and then click on the area to be added to the current selection.

6/ We select the second layer in the layer stack.

7/ We select the first color of our choice (here the blue) in order to perform a gradient (G key) from top to bottom. We unselect (CTRL + D). We now have this result :


8/ We will perform twice the steps 5, 6 and 7 with the remaining colors (red and yellow). Each time, we select the background layer (the one at the bottom of the layer stack) to select the empty circle with the magic wand and then we select the first empty layer (number 3 and then number 4). We then pick up the right color for the empty circle and we perform again the gradient. We obtain this result, almost complete :


9/ We will merge the layers with a blending mode allowing a nice visual effect. Therefore, we select the top layer of the layer stack. We select its properties (F4 key) and we switch the blending mode to « multiply ». We then merge it with next layer (CTRL + M). We perform again this operation until the last layer (blending mode change and then merge with next layer).

This allows to obtain this final result :


Here we are, hope it was helpfull for you and it gives you a good view on what can be achieved from a layer prospective under Paint.Net!

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