Paint.Net : Underwater effect

Second tutorial for Paint.Net : the underwater effect. Here are the required steps to obtain this nice effect :

1/ We start from the original logo on the first layer;

2/ We add a new layer (CTRL + Shift + N);

3/ We select the gradient tool (key G) in radial and color modes;

4/ We set the water color (I took the hexa code 7ACEFF);

5/ We add a round a bit larger than the logo :

Blue round

6/ We perform a dent effect (« Distort » menu then « Dents ») with the following values 40/40/2;

7/ We set the layer properties (key F4) to mode « Multiply »;

8/ We select the logo layer and we perform another time a « dent » effect on it with values 15/10/2;

9/ We select the water layer and we merge both layers (CTRL + M).

Enjoy the final result :

Underwater effect

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