Based on the success of my paint.net tutorials in french, I have decided to translate these in order to allow the english speaking folks to benefit from these.

Few months ago, I started to use seriously the famous design software « paint.net ». And now, more I use it and more I find it great! I have never been good at drawing and therefore my computer design capability is far from being good. But with Paint.net, everything becomes possible. This software is so easy to use and the community around it is so big that it won’t take a lot of time for you to outperform with it. There is a lot of plugins for paint.NET which would allow you to increase the number of available features, filters and effects.

Paint.net : an alternative to Microsoft paint and Adobe Photoshop

Paint dot net is free and most of the extensions are also free. It is certainly not as powerful as Photoshop but for the standard user I am, it is way enough. Moreover, based on Photoshop price, it is exclusively dedicated to professional designers while paint.net, which is priceless, is targeted to a wide audience.

So, if you are looking for a picture editing software, paint.net is the one to have. It is very efficient for quick image edition before integration into documents (pdf, powerpoint, word, …) but also for deeper corrections of your latest holidays pics. Paint.net utilization will allow you to perform simple things (picture resizing, extension modification) and more complex ones (advanced layer, blur, …).

As a start, you can download Paint.Net. If you want to create, I encourage you to browse the dedicated forum which has a lot of details. I also encourage you to try to reproduce the different tutorials I have realized (listing below). I will allow you to learn how to use this freeware based on the .NET framework from Microsoft. After, you could play with it to freely modify your pictures. Don’t hesitate to download and install plugins in order to add advanced features to paint.net.

The list of paint.net tutorials found here is regularly evolving. I try to post new tutorials as I receive new help requests. So don’t hesitate to ask! If I have time and I know how to achieve the request, I will do it with pleasure.

To illustrate this post, here is a small paint.Net logo I have just modified :

– the original :


– the modified :

Modified Paint.Net logo

Paint.net tutorials listing :

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